Who is Cake for You?

Cake For You is a Toronto based company that offers designs and creates cakes and other desserts for special occasions.  Our products are made with the freshest and finest ingredients that result in delicious flavors.

We love creating cakes and other desserts that are delicious and beautiful. Our sweet treats are custom-designed and inspired by your imagination.

When did Cake for You come to life?

The story of Cake For You starts when I made a cake for my second son’s first birthday party.  I always enjoyed baking.  Probably started baking when I was six years old! 

I am a lawyer with a Masters Degree in Finance.  When I had my second son, my schedule and priorities shifted.  It was the time and I had the opportunity to follow my passion.

I signed up for the Bonnie Gordon Culinary Arts Program. I started getting orders for cakes in April of 2010 and it hasn’t stopped since!  I have continued learning and honing my skills.  Every cake is a new opportunity to go further.

How is Cake for You different from its competitors?

Cake for You strives for perfection.  Not only a pretty cake.  The cakes I make are made with fine ingredients from scratch and customized to the clients’ needs, expectations and occasion.  When you buy a cake or any of the products offered by Cake for You, I make sure I turn it into an experience.  From the very beginning, via phone or via e-mail, I make sure all of my clients’ questions are answered and requirements met.  I keep our clients informed throughout the entire process and pay particular attention to the feedback we receive from our clients to make sure the next order is even better.  I offer customized products with personalized service.

Particularly in the Wedding world, I understand the levels of stress that can be reached.  I want to be able to help in every way I can to minimize that stress.  The cake selection and everything around it should be smooth, seamless.  I’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to help my clients.

How do you price your cakes?

My cakes are customized to meet your needs.  So to give you an idea of he cost, I would need to speak with you to get a better idea of what you have in mind.  Generally, the cost of the cake is a function of size (servings) and degree of complexity. 

Starting a business like mine is both challenging and rewarding.  You certainly must love what you do and be willing to put in many, many long hours of hard work.  It’s not as simple as “I’ll bake a cake, sell it and I’m all set!”.  You can do that, but unless you are willing to learn continuously, practice, try over and over again, you will not go too far. 

Every client is different and I need to be open to those differences and sensitive to each person’s needs. 

Who would like to learn from?

Without hesitation, I say Ron Ben Israel.  His cakes are simply breathtaking – perfect!

If you would like more information on CakeForYou contact:

Elke Rubach
Cake For You
647 8087700