Priscilla of Boston

If you just got engaged or are looking to get married next year and are still wondering what the trends will be, then these top 10 trends for 2011 will point you in the right direction.

  1. Bridesmaid Dresses – pink is hot and it’s back.  The colour ‘honeysuckle’ is big for 2011 and for those destination brides, it will great for those bridesmaids with a garden backdrop or on the beach with the cool blue colour of the ocean.
  2. Wedding Venues – outdoor weddings is the big trend for next year.  If you’re looking to save some money and want a great vacation, why not book a destination wedding in an exotic location.  It’s inexpensive and stress-free planning.
  3. Bridal Dresses –  tea length dresses is what is in fashion for outdoor weddings or for any type of wedding next year.  You don’t have to wear a full out bridal gown especially outdoors so why not try something hip and trendy for 2011.  The sophisticated look from the 1950’s is entering into the fashion world again for brides.
  4. Photos – engagement photos are becoming a big hit again.  This time around it’s not just about a couple of photographs, it’s an entire shoot that’s turned into a unique photo opportunity for the engaged couple.  It’s all about capturing the couple’s personality.
  5. Hair & Make-up – the trend of hair is swinging back to elegant and classic with smooth chignons and classic pulled-back hairstyles.  The red lips are back and what looks more elegant against a white dress than bright red lips and soft eye makeup.
  6. Customized Jewelry – options include wearing coloured crystals or pearls instead of all white jewelry to go with the clean lines of the bridal gowns for 2011.  Mixing and matching earrings with necklaces is also a trend for next year.
  7. Guest List – it’s not about size anymore.   The trend for 2011 is to go with fewer guests for a more intimate and personal experience.  If there are people that you normally don’t see on your list and your’re looking to taper the list down, cross them off the invitation list and go with close friends and family.  Weddings will be more personable next year to allow more privacy for the bride and groom.
  8. Wedding Day – forget the day of the wedding, now it’s moving to a weekend of adventure or a week of parties and events.  With the trend of more and more couples wanting to get married abroad, the one day event is turning into a week of fun with families and friends.  It’s all about creating that ‘experience of a lifetime’.
  9. End the Day with a Bang – what better way to end your wedding day than a helicopter picking you up from your reception or a speed boat picking you up from the beach after your beach front ceremony.  Couples are getting more creative and want a bigger bang to end their magical day.
  10. Vegan Cakes – more cake-makers are becoming more aware of dietary needs of guests and the blissful couple so they are offering more flexibility when it comes to vegetarians and special dietary requests.