To follow my Travel Tip of the Week from last week on ‘How to Plan a Destination Wedding’, I thought I would follow it up with some popular honeymoon destinations and tips.  Depending on what time of the year you are getting married, there are more choices than sun destinations for your honeymoon.   Before choosing the destination here are some things that you need to consider first before making that final investment.



1.  Destination Weather

Depending on what time of the year you are getting married and taking your honeymoon, you might have limitations as to where you can travel.  Your first step is to research hurricane season of the destination you are travelling to, countries with rainy seasons, and extreme hot and cold temperatures can all impact your honeymoon.  Once you figure this out, then you can start narrowing down your destination choices.  If you are booking through a travel counselor, then they can provide you with guides as to when the right time is to travel to destinations worldwide.  You don’t want to end up booking your honeymoon in the Caribbean during hurricane season or going to Central America during the rainy season.  Being prepared can help you eliminate certain countries.

2.  Vacation Style

Do you prefer to lie on the beach sipping drinks or do you like to explore and go sightseeing? Do you want to go to multiple destinations or stay at one resort?  What are you your interests and what activities do you like? If you prefer to relax and spend most of your time on the beach, then you want to choose a place that is known for its beaches and can accommodate your style and interests otherwise you are wasting your time and money.  A good tip is to put together a list of things you like to do for you and your spouse which can narrow down your search once again.  Once you decide what your vacation style is then deciding on a budget is your next step.  

 3.  Budget

Determine your price point and make sure that you can afford what you want.  You will need to prioritize what is important to you and be prepared to give up certain amenities for location.  If you are looking to save a little bit of money in a tropical destination, then choose an all-inclusive, if cruising is your choice than purchase an inside cabin instead of a balcony or suite, or you can travel during off-season which means you’re saving some money but you might have to compromise on things such as weather.  You also have the option of a Honeymoon Registry (which some of my clients have used) which can save you some money for that dream honeymoon, and then your friends and family can put money towards your honeymoon to off-set some of the costs.

4.   High Season/Low Season

Travelling during high and low season has its pros and cons.  For instance, travelling to Europe during the summer has wonderful weather but it also brings more crowds and higher prices.  If you wait to go to Europe until the fall or early spring you can get some great savings and it will be less crowded but you might have to compromise on cooler temperatures and certain attractions being closed for the season.

5.  Just Before you Book

Make sure that your passport is in order and you have ample time to get your passport renewed before you depart for your honeymoon.  Some destinations also require VISA’s to get into the country so make sure you have enough time to obtain a VISA or your Travel Counsellor can provide you with this information and help you through the process.  When travelling to some sun destinations, you are required to pay a departure tax so make sure that you have enough money with you to pay this tax when you leave the country or again ask your Travel Counsellor and they can provide you with prices. 

Maureen’s Top Picks for Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Romantic Cities

  1.  Paris, France
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. San Francisco, California

Honeymoon Hotspots

  1. Hawaii
  2. Tahiti
  3. St. Lucia

Culinary Honeymoons

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. New York

Honeymoon Safaris

  1. Kenya
  2. Zimbabwe
  3. Botswana

Snorkeling Honeymoons

  1.  Fiji Islands
  2. Cayman Islands
  3. Australia

Adventure Honeymoons

  1. New Zealand/Cook Islands
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Peru