The hardest part of planning a destination wedding or a vow renewal is choosing the perfect location.  With there being so many choices available for brides and grooms plus couples wanting to renew their vows, it can be extremely overwhelming and time consuming.  Choosing a destination should not be a stressful time but instead an enjoyable one.  My job is to help you pick the perfect location for your unforgetable ceremony and journey together.


Destination Weddings

First and foremost, choose a location that makes you happy.  If you’re not a beach person or don’t like the heat, then don’t go south.  Destination weddings don’t have to be the ‘typical’ ceremony by the beach and candlelight dinners by the ocean.  Your world is your oyster!  Have you considered an exotic location such as Africa, or getting married outside a castle in Ireland, or what about a small little vineyard in France?  Many couples are combing their wedding and honeymoon together creating the ‘adventure of a lifetime’ and enjoying the trip they thought they could never have.  Marriage is an adventure so why not start it off in a location that is truely unforgettable. 

After the location is narrowed down or decided, a budget needs to be established and then several options can be provided based on your finances.  Next step, decide on a date as securing the venue for your dreams can be popular to many others.  I would suggest at least a year in advance for both venue and giving your family and friends sufficient enough time to save for the big event.

Renewal of Vows

Whether it be 10, 25, or 50 years of marriage, what better way to celebrate your anniversary than to do if by renewing your vows.  You can celebrate with a private ceremony with just the two of you or make it a large affair with hundreds of guests.  For most, a vow renewal ceremony is a very intimate celebration that focuses on the ceremony and the elements that are important to you.  You can make it whatever you want and wherever you want.  More and more couples are making it a family celebration to bring the family together to celebrate what really is important, time with their loved ones.

Again, just as a planning a destination wedding you are still required to find a location, style of ceremony, budget, and a date.  Since the vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony, you don’t require an officiant.  The list is endless for locations, so why not scratch that destination off of your bucket list and discover this world!